Hydraulic Hoses

Powder River Power offers a wide range of hydraulic hoses in numerous sizes and constructions. We are known for our prompt service and high quality hydraulic hoses and fittings. A hydraulic hose may vary in weight, size, temperature ratings, numbers and types of reinforcement layers, rated working pressure and flexibility. We can make any size of a hose, very quickly. There are different types of hose services that we provide – Custom Hose Assembly, Custom Hose Fittings and Couplings and Industrial Hoses and Fittings. We also offer end fittings for hydraulic hoses.
Hydraulic Hoses
We manufacture and supply hydraulic hoses of various types:

  • Reinforced: This type of hose resembles the basic three-layer make of the hose, but with extra buffers in the reinforcement layer. This is most often in the form of textile braid, wire braid, or wire helix material around the inner tube.
  • Coiled: Coiled hoses are also known as semi-rigid hoses. This type of hose is designed for expansion and easy storing. Because the hose is coiled, it can stretch in such a way that does not put unnecessary pressure on the hose materials.
  • Corrugated: Corrugation manifests as small folds in the material of a hose. This allows the hose to expand and compress without damaging the hosing.
  • Articulated: These are hoses built in sections. These hoses display rigid shafts connected by flexible joints. The articulation allows the hoses to turn corners or swivel around other components.
  • Multi-element: Hoses that might involve multiple elements listed above.

For more information on our hydraulic hoses and fittings, contact us or call us at 307-672-9009. We will be happy to serve you.

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